Tango in Tenerife

Tango is growing in Tenerife. Every week we welcome an increasing number of dancers from across Europe and the world to our milongas on the island. The goal of all involved in Tango in Tenerife is to nurture this growth and to achieve our long-term aim of making Tenerife the number one location for people looking for a wonderful place to dance Tango on holiday.

Tango in Tenerife has a speical atmosphere . Here you will find a truly international and friendly group of people from across Europe, Argentina and South America. Musically, you can look forward to enjoying traditional music mainly from the golden age of Tango.

Are you planning a holiday and want to know what to expect?

Generally speaking at most times of the year you can expect a milonga each weekend (usually Saturday) and often one midweek. As tango grows here so, too, will the opportunities to dance.

To find out what is happening in the coming weeks, go to our Milongas page. Here you will find details of the milongas in the near future.

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